Summer 2016 Session I Module List

Beginning Design: Architecture + Interior Design - Art supplies displayed on a wooden table
Fashion Design - A person sewing some cloth on a mannequin
Miami Art Portfolio Studio - several color posters hanging on a wall
Understanding the Human Brain: Lessons Learned from Research - A digital view of the brain and all of the veins and blood vessels attached to it
The Dynamics of Nutrition and Dietetics - vegetables displayed on top of a table
Why Do We Need Superheroes: Antiquity and Today - A graphic of Superman with his cape blowing in the wind
Free Trade/Fair Trade: Understanding World Trade from the Local to the Global - A view of a bunch of nuts
Media and The Millennial: Journalism in Action - a person typing on a laptop computer
Health & How to Change the World - Two female students working with a professor
Search for the Cure: The Discovery of Novel Antibiotics - A microscopic view of cells
The Entrepreneurship Experience: Building Your Dreams and Passions into Fun and Profitable Ventures - A professor talking to students as they work together
Basics of Business - Students walking to and from class outside the Farmer School of Business