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Mass Communication


Bachelor of Arts | College of Arts and Science

What is Mass Communication?

Mass communication is a field of inquiry that examines the processes, institutions, and effects of the media as they function in national and international contexts. The goals of this curriculum are to develop students' competence in the critique of communication practices and understanding of the history of media communication and its policies, institutions, and culture. Students study a broad range of media issues, including critical and cultural studies, communication technology and policy analysis, international communication, gender and sexuality issues, ethnic and minority issues, and more.

What are the features of Miami’s program?

Practical experience

Students produce programming for television on the local cable system, including news, public affairs, fine arts, popular music videos, children's programming, and Miami sports events. Other opportunities for hands-on experience include Highwire Brand Studio, a branding practicum, WHISP, a narrative film production practicum, and WMSR, a cable and carrier-current radio station operated entirely by Miami students. While it is a campus-wide organization, many mass communication majors serve on its business and air staffs. MAFIA is a student-run film production organization in which many mass communication students participate.

Individualized curriculum

The program is flexible and highly individualized; areas of specialization include media criticism and analysis, media institutions, law and policy, and audio and video production.

Extensive facilities

Mass Communication majors have access to extensive production facilities, including two video studios, eight video editing suites, and a computerized news writing lab.

What are the special admission requirements, if any?

Yes, admission is selective, with limited enrollment. Students typically apply for admission after taking the three pre-major courses during their freshman year.

  • Cumulative g.p.a. after 30 semester hours
  • Total g.p.a. from the three pre-major courses
  • Pre-major examination*
    *The examination requirement is waived for students enrolled in the University Honors program. Honor students are automatically accepted into the communication degree program of their choice upon completion of the pre-major courses.

What courses would I take?

In addition to the pre-major courses required to enter the program and those required by the Global Miami Plan, students study communication theory and research and concentrate on courses related to their area of specialization. Many students take off-campus internships in media-related industries.

What can I do with this major?

Students in the mass communication program gain the necessary course work and practical experience to pursue graduate work and careers in such areas as videography, video production, audio production, media planning and buying, copy writing and script writing, and publishing.

Who can I contact for more information?

Department of Communication
Dr. Howard Kleiman
150 Williams Hall
Oxford, OH 45056