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What is English/Literature?

The Literature Major is an ideal major for students who love to read and write. In intense and discussion-based classes, you will analyze and discuss the forms of cultural expression that matter to you most: poems, novels, comics, plays, and films. You will be challenged, provoked, and inspired as you learn the valuable skills of critical reading and clear, persuasive writing.

What are the features of Miami’s program?

  • 36 credit hour major with flexible curriculum, making it easy to major or double major.
  • Nationally recognized faculty who provide individualized feedback on your writing and creative work.
  • Study abroad programs in London and Paris.
  • Beyond Bachelor Hall speaker series on post graduation careers
  • A range of courses in fiction, poetry, drama, and film that span cultural traditions, authors, and periods, from the classic to the cutting-edge, including many small, seminar-style special topics courses. We think you should love what you read – and read what you love!

What are the special admission requirements, if any?

There are no additional admission requirements for this program.

What courses would I take?

Students typically start by taking one or two introductory surveys at the 100-level while taking care of Miami Plan requirements. Students then take our gateway writing course (Eng 298) and begin to take more advanced courses at the 200 and 300 levels. Juniors and seniors take a mix of 300- and 400-level seminars and often work one-on-one with faculty on individualized research projects. The distribution requirements for the major are flexible enough for students to follow their own interests.

What can I do with this major?

Miami Literature majors find that the coursework and academic rigor of a BA in Literature prepares them for a number of career paths. Some students go on to pursue graduate degrees in the humanities, while others enter professional schools in fields like law, medicine, library science, and business. A number of recent literature graduates have placed into top ten law schools. Many graduates join the workforce right away and go into fields like professional editing and writing, marketing, consulting, sales, teaching, and management. See Internship and Job Resources for Literature (Career Services).

Who can I contact for more information?

Department of English
Katie Johnson, Director of the Literature Program
380 Bachelor Hall
Oxford, OH 45056