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Policies and Guidelines

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Winter Term 2013-14

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 94KB)

Faculty Workload Norms

Workload Norms (Oxford) (PDF 84KB)

Recruiting and Hiring Faculty

Recruiting and Hiring Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty (PDF 250KB)

Endowed Position Appointment Policy (PDF 49KB)

Joint Faculty Appointment Guidelines (PDF 369KB)

Academic Program Review

Process Overview (PDF 102KB)

Review Guidelines (PDF 238KB)

Reporting Expenses (PDF 40KB)

Academic Affairs Unit Review (PDF 48KB)

Promotion and Tenure

Probationary Faculty Evaluation Guidelines (PDF 565KB)

Regional Faculty Service Guide (PDF 226KB)

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Application for Promotion and/or Tenure (PDF 2.1MB)

Model Letter (PDF 78KB)

Guidelines (PDF 512KB)

Timeline (PDF 311KB)

Preparing Promotion and Tenure Packets (PDF 287KB)

Sr. Lecturer and Sr. Clinical/Professionally Licensed Faculty
(non-tenured positions)

Application for Promotion (PDF 1.1MB)

Promotion Guidelines (PDF 45KB)


Academic Dishonesty Procedures PDF 855KB)

Credit Workshop GuidelinesVisiting Faculty Housing Guidelines (PDF 15KB)

Regional Faculty Appointment Procedures (PDF 434KB)