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Courses of Instruction

INTERDISCIPLINARY (IDS-Taught by more than one department)

151 Diversity Seminar (1)

Seminars designed to enable students to take part in discussions involving difference, including those stemming from race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, class and region. Seminar helps create an environment where students learn to engage the differences found on campus and in the world into which students graduate.

153 American and World Cultures Seminar (1)

Seminar designed to enable students to enhance knowledge and understanding of the contributions diversity makes in society. Students will learn about and reflect on the intersections of the social identities of gender, age, class, race, sexual orientation, ability, religion, and culture. Course involves attending a series of lectures by eminent scholars, followed by class discussion and critique of the scholarships and presentations of these eminent scholars.

155 Readings in The Michael J. Colligan Lecture Series (1)

Coincides with the lecture of The Michael J. Colligan History Project at Miami Hamilton. Students are required to attend all lectures in the current semester's Colligan Series and produce a series of short essays. Explores the nature and practice of historical enquiry, as well as the relevance of historical topics to contemporary life.

MPF 159 Strength Through Cultural Diversity (3)

Helps students function effectively in an increasingly diverse global society. With culture defined as "the way we do things around here," conflict is viewed as a natural result of interactions among people. Emphasis on applying the concepts of culture to a variety of countries and to subcultures of the U.S. so that students learn how conflict arises and how negotiation skills can be used to manage conflict. IIIB.

MPF 206 Diversity and Culture in American Film (3)

Analysis of the representation of diversity and culture as portrayed in American motion pictures. Cross-listed with FST 206 and COM 206. IIIA.

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