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General Bulletin 2006-2008

Courses of Instruction

WOMEN'S STUDIES (WMS-Arts and Science)

Note: The following cross-listed courses are available in Women’s Studies. For more information, consult the listing in the appropriate department.

ART 480W Women in Medieval Art (MPT)
ART 480X Women in Art: Renaissance to Modern (MPT)
ATH/BWS/LAS/WMS 325 Identity: Race,
Gender, Class, Sexuality (MPT)
BWS 370E Feminism and the Diaspora: U.S. Women of Color (MPC)
CLS 235 Women in Antiquity (MPT)
COM 461 Gender and the Media
ENG 232 American Women Writers (MPT)
ENG 233 British Women Writers (MPT)
ENG/ FST 350B Women in Film (MPT)
ENG 368 Feminist Literary Theory and Practice (MPT)
ENG 468 Gender and Genre (MPT)
FRE 431 French Feminist Theory in an Age of Globalism
FSW 361 Couple Relationships: Diversity and Change (MPT)
GEO 436 Women, Gender, and the Environment
HST 250B Gender and Third-World Film
HST 381 Women in Pre-Industrial Europe (MPT)
HST 382 Women in American History (MPT)
HST 383 Women in Chinese History (MPT)
HST 450 Topics in Women’s History (MPT)
PHL 255 Contemporary Feminism (MPT)
PHS 243 Women’s Health Care
PHS 475 Women, Gender Relations, and Sport
POL 346 Women in Politics
POL 347 Women and the Law
PSY 326 Psychology of Women
REL 333 Religion, Dress, and Status
REL 334 Women’s Religious Experience in the Ancient
Mediterranean World (MPT)
SOC 203 Sociology of Gender Roles (MPT)
SOC/ATH 221 Human Sexuality
SOC 272 Women in Popular Culture (MPT)
SOC/ FSW 451 Family Violence
SOC 463 Sociology of The Older Woman (MPT)

130 Women in Math, Science, and Engineering (1)

Emphasizes the context and experiences of women in mathematics, the sciences, and engineering and technological fields, as well as the general format of scientific research. Designed for students who are participating in the Women in Math, Science, and Engineering Living-Learning Community.

MPF, MPT 201 Introduction to Women’s Studies (3)

Interdisciplinary introduction to the study of women which focuses on determinants and expressions of women’s roles. IIC, IIIA. CAS-C.

301 Women and Difference: Intersections of Race, Class, and Sexuality (3)

Investigation of the interdisciplinary theoretical approaches to the interplay of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and other aspects of social identity in women’s lives; analysis of the ways social difference is defined, used, and experienced. Emphasis on feminist and womanist theories that take into account the interdependence of multiple categories of social difference. Prerequisite: WMS 201. Open to majors and minors or other students with permission of instructor.

333 Religion, Dress, and Status (3)

Displays of status through constrictive dress and gender segregation will be explored with reference to religion, gender, and class. Topics will be examined through selected case studies, several of which involve Islamic cultures.

370 Selected Topics in Women’s Studies (3)

Examines specific aspects of women’s roles, status, and experiences.

383 By or About (Afro-) Brazilian Women (3)

Addresses questions about gender, race, class and stereotype of women’s bodies in 20th century Brazil. Crosslisted with BWS/ENG/ POR 383.

384 Contemporary Women’s World History (3)

Contemporary history of women around the world, with particular emphasis on Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East.

MPC 401 The Role of Women in a Transforming Society (3)

Review of current and historically significant feminist writings on the ways in which patriarchal structures of authority affect what students know about women’s experiences. Students position themselves as creators of knowledge about women’s experiences and as members of self-critical communities of activists who are transforming society and women’s positions in that society. Includes readings, discussions, and individual and group projects. Students learn to celebrate similarities in experiences and perspectives, and to understand and appreciate differences. Prerequisite: WMS 201 and at least 12 semester hours in WMS courses, or permission of instructor.

425 Black Feminist Theory (3)

Seminar examines black feminist theory from a variety of perspectives. Course samples a diversity of texts by theorists in the U.S. and African Diaspora. Readings include both well known and lesser known thinkers/scholars as well as classic texts and newly published works. Cross-listed with BWS 425.

431/531 French Feminism in the Age of Globalism (3)

Examination of major recent currents of French thought, such as existentialism, structuralism, and poststructuralism, with emphasis on their relation to the study of literary texts. Course content will vary.

436/536 Women, Gender and the Environment (3)

Seminar discussing literature on the role of women in their relationships with natural resources as advocates, practitioners, and scholars. Ideas on ecofeminism will be introduced from more-developed “north” and developing “south” perspectives, and then directed toward the study of gender and development, and participatory tools in gender analysis.

450/550 Topics In Women’s History (3)

In-depth study of a selected topic in the history of women, focusing on either a specific period and place, or a theme.

451/551 Family Violence (3)

Analysis of research and theory on family violence, physical abuse of children, sexual abuse, neglect, premarital abuse, wife abuse, gay/lesbian battering, elder abuse, prevention and intervention. Historical, social, and patriarchal contexts will be examined.

461 Gender and Media (3)

Examines how media help to shape notions of gender in society, how gender ideologies influence mass media perspectives and practices, and how mediated representations may reinforce or challenge social hierarchies based in differences of gender, race, ethnicity, class, and sexual orientation. Crosslisted with COM 461.

463/563 Sociology of the Older Woman (3)

Examination of various social psychological, physical, and cultural factors that affect women as they grow older.

470 Senior Thesis in Women’s Studies (3-4)

Focuses on the production of the required senior thesis. Senior theses may report the results of original research, critical analysis, activist work and/or creation of art, music, performance, fiction, or other forms. Periodic meetings provide a forum to discuss progress and problems, share with peers the process of framing and implementing a project, research, and writing, and practice presenting results. The course culminates in a public presentation of results. Prerequisite: Senior capstone in WMS ( WMS 401 or WMS 370E).

475/575 Women, Gender Relations, and Sport (3)

Explores the meanings of women’s participation in sport and physical activity using sociological, feminist, and cultural studies perspectives. Special consideration given to the ideological significance of sport in U.S. culture and ways in which sporting women accept and challenge contemporary gender relations.

601 Introduction To Women’s Studies (3)

A seminar that focuses on Women’s Studies as an academic project and a force for social change in the U.S., tracing its historical development and identifying some of its central issues. Readings, discussion, and assignments help students understand the impact of Women’s Studies upon academia and upon their own lives.

602 Feminist Theory and Methodology (3)

A seminar that investigates major research methods (empirical studies, case studies, ethnographies, rhetorical analyses, textual and historical studies) as they are theorized and practiced within contemporary feminism. As an interdisciplinary project, feminist academic research includes work from psychology, sociology, literary studies, languages, the arts, anthropology, philosophy, education, mathematics, political science and law, and the sciences. This seminar highlights the ways in which research methodology and theorizing are informed by feminist analyses of institutional power, social difference, and position of the researcher.

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