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General Bulletin 2006-2008

Courses of Instruction


MPF, MPT 101 Introduction to Theatre: Drama and Analysis (3)

Examination of drama and theatre production as modes of human expression focusing on script analysis and relating style to historical and contemporary production values. Corequisite: THE 103. IIA. CAS-B.

102 Analysis: Methods and Research (3)

Focus on discovering creative, in-depth techniques of script analysis and realizing different methods for researching the script. Demonstrates methodologies that can be applied to understanding the script as an actor, director, designer, dramaturg, or playwright. Prerequisite: THE 101.

MPF, MPT 103 Introduction to Theatre: Production and Performance I (1)

Practical application of techniques in performance, technical production, and management. Involves average of 50-70 hours per semester, planned around student’s schedule and demands within area of participation. Corequisite: THE 101. IIA.

123 Acting for the Nonmajor (3)

Introduction to the art of acting for the nonacting major. Focuses on developing basic acting skills through improvisation and scene work; includes study of script analysis and acting theory. Credit cannot be applied to degree in theatre.

131 Principles of Acting I (3)

Introductory course for theatre majors examining performance as an essential component of theatre. Focuses on dynamics of the ensemble and building a shared understanding of ethics and discipline of the theatre.

132 Principles of Acting II (3)

Introductory theories and principles of acting techniques. Introduces techniques of theatre script analysis and acting methodology working toward the development of students’ understanding of the theory and process of acting and critical appreciation of acting excellence. Prerequisite: THE 131.

151 Stage Makeup (1)

Principles and techniques of makeup for stage. Practical execution of selected stage makeup problems. Responsibility to production assignment during term. Preference for registration given to theatre majors. Prerequisite: major or permission of instructor.

MPF, MPT 191 Theatre Appreciation (3)

Oriented toward development of awareness as an audience member. Studies theories and methods of understanding a theatrical presentation, through study of dramatic literature, production traditions, and viewing productions. IIA, H. CAS-B.

200 Production and Performance Practicum (1; maximum 8)

Open to all university students. Laboratory experience in performance, design, technical production, and management. Each student selects area of theatrical production to participate in for the semester. Involves average of 50-70 hours per semester, arranged around student’s schedule and demands within area of participation. Registration through consultation with theatre faculty member required.

202 Stagecraft (3)

This course is intended for all beginning students of theatre technology and the art of visual production for live performance. The major objective of this course is to provide the student with a basic knowledge of the techniques, tools, and materials of scenery fabrication and to introduce artistic and practical considerations that underlie them. Corequisite: THE 204.

204 Stagecraft Lab (1)

This lab, taken in conjunction with THE 202, is intended to provide the student with hands on experience building, painting, and assembling theatrical scenery for the Miami University Department of Theatre. Involves an average of 40-70 hours per semester, planned around the student’s schedule and the demands of various productions. Corequisite: THE 202.

231 The Actor’s Process (3)

Study and development of the actor’s basic skills through exercises, improvisations, and scene work. Prerequisite: THE 131.

232 Movement for Actors I (2)

Training and development of the body for the actor including relaxation, alignment, and personal range. Prerequisite: THE 131.

233 Voice and Speech for Actors I (2)

Training and development of vocal mechanism for stage speech. Prerequisite: THE 131.

239 Alexander Technique (1)

Introduction to the Alexander Technique for theatre and music students. Basic anatomy, body-mapping and principles of the Technique (coordination of the self with efficiency and ease) are explored in group lessons and in application to creative activity.

251 Theatrical Design Communication Skills (3)

Fundamentals of drawing and rendering for theatrical design. Establishment of design problems and representation of design solutions through traditional means: mechanical drawing, freehand drawing, model making, collage, color media. Prerequisite: THE 101, 102.

252 Technical Production (3)

Types of scenery construction, rigging, and handling. Representation of engineering problems through mechanical drawings. Involves participation in production crews for major productions. Prerequisite: THE 202 or permission of instructor. Offered infrequently.

253 Costume Fundamentals (3)

A practical exploration of the techniques used to realize the costume design including dyeing, pattern drafting, texture, and fashion history.

254 Lighting Fundamentals (3)

Equipment, materials, methods, and techniques of lighting designs for theatrical productions. Topics include instrumentation, color media, control systems, projection equipment, and rigging procedures. Involves participation in lighting crews for major productions.

291/292 World Stages (3,3)

A survey of world stages that includes western theatre history and global performance practices. These courses introduce the student to theatre and performance as a social and cultural construction that is directly related to the place and time in which it occurs. Courses also explore the ramification and manifestation of internal and external influences on the theatre/performance of a given locale. Open to majors only. Prerequisite: THE 101, THE 102.

314 Playwriting (4)

Theory, technique, and practice of playwriting. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Cross-listed with ENG 314.

331 Advanced Scene Study (3)

Techniques learned in 231 applied to problems of acting scripted materials. Actor’s approach to script analysis emphasized. Prerequisite: THE 132.

332 Movement for Actors II (2)

Training and development of the body for the actor including the warm-up pattern, T’ai Chi, body image, and tempo-rhythm. Prerequisite: THE 232.

340 Internship (1-16)

Preprofessional program for exceptionally qualified students. Must be arranged through consultation with departmental adviser.

341 Fundamentals of Directing (3)

Aesthetic principles, analysis, and exercises in composition, picturization, blocking, business, communication, and leadership. Prerequisite: THE 102 and 251.

342 Stage Management (2)

Principles and techniques of stage management in theatrical production. Study of the accepted practices used in professional companies, including the requirements and regulations established by Actors Equity Association and variations in practice with regard to educational, community, and regional companies. Requires participation in departmental stage management activities that require evening and weekend work.

MPT 391 Modern American Theatre (3)

Major forces that shaped American theatre from Eugene O’Neill and Provincetown Playhouse through avant-garde of the Off-Off Broadway movement. Emphasis placed on leading dramatists, performers, and designers of the period as well as such organizations as Group Theatre, Federal Theatre Project, and Living Theatre. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing. CAS-B.

MPT 392 Modern European Theatre (3)

Major forces that shaped European theatre from Ibsen and Duke of Saxe-Meiningen through Pinter, Handke, and audience-actor experiments of Peter Brook. Emphasis on leading dramatists of the period as well as various stylistic alternatives to theatrical realism. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing. CAS-B.

MPT 393 Cultural, Ethnic, and Gender Issues in Dramatic Literature (3)

May be offered with various focuses (including African, African American, Latin American, Asian American, feminist perspectives, as well as others); explores alternative cultural, ethnic, and gender issues in dramatic literature. Emphasis on developing student appreciation of and critical response to traditional and nontraditional forms of drama.

395 American Musical I: A History to 1950 (3)

This course traces the development of the American Musical Theatre from 19th century forms of entertainment through the “Golden Age” of the 1940’s. The changing shape of the musical will be explored in context of a growing and developing American culture and the expression of a national identity.

396 The American Musical II: A Contemporary History 1950-2005 (3)

In depth exploration of how content, style and production approach of the American Musical changed as American culture, society and thought changed between 1950 and today. Analysis of forms and trends in today’s musical theatre to better understand its possible future in a dynamic society.

400 Advanced Production and Performance Practicum (2; maximum 4)

Practical experience in advanced design, engineering, technical production, and performance positions for major theatre productions. Independent study permit required. Prerequisite: senior standing and permission of instructor.

431/531 Style for Actors (3)

Advanced acting class offering an integrated approach to the challenges of working as an actor within varying cultures, historical periods, and genres generally, while investigating theatrical tools and practices for several specific historical periods and genres Prerequisites: THE 132, THE 232, THE 233, or permission of instructor.

432/532 Acting Shakespeare (3)

Advanced acting class focusing on the particular demands of acting Shakespeare’s text. Exploration of heightened language, verse structure, scansion, and text analysis for performance. Prerequisites: THE 132, THE 231, THE 232.

437/537 Professional Qualifications I: Auditions (2)

Preparation for entry into graduate schools, professional internships, or repertory companies for actors. Prerequisites: THE 101 or permission of instructor.

438/538 Professional Qualifications II: Agencies (1)

Study of agencies, unions, regulations, work rules, and resources. Prerequisites: THE 101, THE 231, junior standing, and permission of instructor.

439/539  Special Techniques for the Actor (3; maximum 6)

Practical application and exercises in advanced skill areas such as, Alexander, Feldenkrais, circus skills, mask training, hand-to-hand combat, weapons, comedy, period movement. Topic varies.

440 Summer Theatre Workshop (4-8; maximum 8)

Practical experience in solution of problems associated with performance in repertory theatre. Prerequisite: permission of director of summer theatre. Summer only.

441/541 Methods and Styles of Play Directing (3)

Scene study and presentations in selected genres and styles. Focus on development of directorial concept, unity, and effect. Prerequisite: THE 341.

451/551 Scenic Design (3)

Theory and principles of scenic design for stage. Conceptualization and communication of design ideas through script analysis, sketches, renderings, models, floor plans, and elevations. Prerequisite: THE 102 and 251.

452/552 Scenic Painting and Scenic Art (3)

Theory and practice of scenic art through study of and work with varying types of paints, dyes, and texturing techniques used in scenic painting; layout tools and equipment are used to set up projects using fundamental and advanced painting techniques. Faux finishes are explored as parts of the basic requisite techniques. Prerequisite: THE 251 or permission of instructor.

453/553 Costume Design (3)

Principles and theories of costume design for theatrical productions. Conceptualization and communication of design ideas through script analysis, sketches, fabric studies, and renderings. Prerequisite: THE 102 and 251 or permission of instructor.

454/554 Lighting Design (3)

Theories and principles of lighting design for theatrical productions. Conceptualization and communication of design ideas through script analysis, light studies, light plots, and related projects. Prerequisite: THE 102, THE 251, THE 254 or permission of instructor.

455/555 Tutorial in Advanced Problems (1-6; maximum 6)

Supervised execution in theatrical design problems and projects. May be repeated for credit within maximum. Independent study permit required. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

455A/555A Scenic Design
455B/555B Lighting Design
455C/555C Costume Design
455D/555D Technical Production
455E/555E Sound Design
455F/555F Makeup and Mask Design

461/561 Theatre Management (3)

Theories and practices of theatre management and administration.

480 Independent Reading and Projects for Departmental Honors (0-6; maximum 6)

Departmental honors may be taken during the senior year. Departmental approval required.

MPC 490 The Theatre and a Cultural Aesthetic (3)

Reflects on the entire baccalaureate experience through the systematic exploration of historical and/or contemporary issues. Establishes a series of topics and a focus for every unit. The four units address: 1) foundations in aesthetic theoretical positions, 2) models from the past and present 3) extensions into other contemporary cultures, and 4) projections into a global future. Integrates the theory and practice experience to broaden understanding of issues theatre artists encounter as they interact with, reflect on, and interpret the circumstances of their society.

491/591 Theatre History I (3)

Survey of major dramatists, movements, and practices of dramatic presentations from Classical Greece through Neo- Classic France. CAS-B.

492/592 Theatre History II (3)

Survey of major dramatists, movements, and practices of dramatic presentations from restoration England through the end of 19th century. CAS-B.

493/593 American Theatre (3)

Major playwrights, performers, and critics who shaped the course of theatre from Hallam Company to Theatrical Syndicate. Emphasis placed on development of indigenous drama in 19th century. CAS-B. Offered infrequently.

601 Introduction to Thesis Research (1)

Introduction to research with emphasis on problem solving. Techniques of historical, critical, and descriptive bibliography. Sprint course. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

602 Research Methodologies In Theatre (2)

An application of critical research methodologies in theatre scholarship. An introduction to professional issues in theatre and performance studies. Emphasis on the process of constructing a research project.

614 Advanced Playwriting (3)

Applied theory, technique, and practice of playwriting and dramaturgy. Prerequisite: graduate standing and permission of instructor. Offered infrequently.

640 Summer Theatre Practicum (4-8; maximum 16)

Provides graduate students with opportunities for leadership and responsibility in the solution of advanced problems of production associated with performance in a practical repertory theatre. Prerequisite: graduate standing and permission of director of summer theatre. Summer only.

641 Directing Seminar (3; maximum 6)

Practical application of specific theories involved in directing a play. Prerequisite: graduate standing or THE 441, senior standing, and permission of instructor.

650 Directed Reading in Design Theory and Practice (1-6; maximum 12)

Readings in major theoretical and practical works on theatrical design. Prerequisite: graduate standing and permission of instructor. Offered infrequently.

650A Scenographic theory
650B Scenic and lighting design
650C Costume design

660 Independent Project (1-4; maximum 8)

670 Seminar in Major Dramatists and Critics (3; maximum 6)

Intensive study of a selected major playwright or critic with a view toward evaluating significant contributions to development of theatre. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

680 Seminar in Major Styles and Theories (3; maximum 6)

Intensive study of a major theatrical style or theory in terms of its dramatic expression, visual staging, and impact on development of world theatre. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

691 Seminar in Theatre History (3; maximum 12)

Intensive study and research in selected topics in theatre history and drama with emphasis in historiography. Topic varies.

700 Research for Master’s Thesis (1-12; minimum 6, maximum 12)

770 Directed Study in Theatre (1-6; maximum 12)

Directed study in selected topics in theatre history and drama, theory and criticism of drama and performance. Prerequisite: graduate standing and permission of instructor.

770A Pre-modern Theatre
770B Modern Theatre
770C Post-modern Theatre
770D Acting and Directing
770E Theory and Criticism

780 Graduate Production Studio (1-6; maximum 24)

Directed performance and production in theatre and dramatic art. Credit/no-credit only. Prerequisite: graduate standing and permission of instructor.

780A Directing
780B Acting
780C Technical Production
780D Playwriting
780E Theatre Management
780F Stage Management
780G Scene Design
780H Costume Design
780I Lighting Design
780J Sound Design
780K Makeup Design

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