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Courses of Instruction

MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (MIS-Business ; Department of Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems)

MPT 235 Information Technology in Modern Organizations (3)

Focuses on the strategic role of information technology and systems. Topics include: Challenges faced by managers in firms, understanding key technologies and how they help meet these challenges, and the processes, policies and procedures needed to manage technical and digital assets. Prerequisite: CSA 141 or CIT 154 or BTE 181 or successful completion of School of Business skills exam.

281 Application Development Tools and Environment (3)

Focuses on the use of software development environments to develop object-oriented, data-driven software applications. Special emphasis will be on the advantages and disadvantages of using development toolkits to integrate data retrieval, information presentation, and logic.

301 Information Technology Fundamentals (3)

An in-depth introduction to the information and communications technology used to build organizational information systems. Students will gain breadth and depth in the technical aspects of the MIS discipline. Prerequisite: MIS 235.

MPT 302 Database Theory and Practice (3)

Provides an understanding of the importance of database systems in organizations, including an understanding of database structures and concepts, design methodologies, database management systems (DBMS), structured query language (SQL) and the implementation of database systems. Prerequisite: MIS 235.

MPT 303 Enterprise Systems (3)

An introduction to enterprise systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), Supply Chain and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Both managerial and technological considerations in the implementation and use of these systems within businesses will be explored in depth. Prerequisite: MIS 235.

305 Information Risk Management, Security and IT Audit (3)

The foundations of information security and assurance including the principles on which managerial strategy can be formulated and technical solutions can be selected. Prerequisites: MIS 235 or equivalent; ACC 221.

330 Professional Practice (0)

Students participating in an internship program register for this course during the semester they are on work assignment. Prerequisite: permission of departmental internship coordinator.

335 Introduction to Internet Tools and Technologies (3)

An introduction to internet technologies. Focus is on client and server technologies and the design and development of applications with tools using these technologies. User interface design and graphics technology is also emphasized. MIS majors only. Prerequisite: MIS 281 or any other programming course.

MPT 381 Analysis and Design of Business Web Sites (3)

Introduces the analysis, design and development of Web sites, the creation of graphics and media intended for use in Web pages and the scripting languages often used in such media. The course examines selected software for creating Web site development and its media elements. The course offers a hands-on approach to its subject. Not for MIS majors. Prerequisite: MIS 235.

MPT 385 Applications of Electronic Commerce Technology (3)

Examines the critical business issues, technological infrastructure, and contemporary information systems applications required to carry out electronic commerce. Key interactions include business-to-business and business-to- consumer transactions. Prerequisite: MIS 235 and MIS 381.

387 Systems Analysis and Design (3)

Introduces the life cycle concept in application development and examines contemporary tools that assist the development process. Provides the understanding of business application environment, the systems development life cycle (SDLC), and how SDLC is applied in outsourcing, software purchase and software development situations. Prerequisite: MIS 301.

401 Data and Wireless Communications (3)

Familiarizes students with concepts and applications of data and wireless communications technologies in a business environment. Emphasis is placed on local area networks and wide area networks. Prerequisite: MIS 301.

403 E-Commerce and Web Development (3)

An introduction to Internet and World Wide Web development technologies. Focus is on the client and server technologies available for this platform. The design and development of applications with these technologies: user interface design, graphics technology and web enabled database technology. Prerequisites: MIS 301, MIS 302, and CSA 174

MPT 404 Knowledge Management (3)

An introduction to the use of Knowledge Management, with emphasis on how knowledge is gathered, stored, analyzed and used within business organizations. Topics covered include data warehousing, business analytics, data mining. Prerequisites: MIS 235, MIS 302.

406 IT Project Management (3)

Information technology project management theories, techniques, and software tools are taught. Focus is on the problems and methods of conduction projects with special attention to modern information technology and software implementation projects. Prerequisites: MIS 302, MIS 387.

MPC 412 Communicating Through Multimedia (3)

An advanced multimedia course designed to address the effects of communication technology in the workplace. Integrates multimedia computer technology, group and presentational communication, and principles of media production. Team-based multimedia development approach is used to integrate complementary skills and expertise from different students to generate applications for clients. Prerequisite: MIS 381. Cross listed with COM 412. This course fulfills the Miami Plan Capstone requirement but does not fulfill the SBA Capstone requirement. Offered infrequently.

435/535 Advanced Databases with Electronic Commerce (3)

A systemicstudy of the use of databases in dynamically generated Web pages in E-commerce systems. The course focuses on the integration of database management systems, and other software such as CRM, ERP, and supply chain management systems in the design and development of scalable E-commerce systems. Prerequisite: MIS 335 or permission of instructor.

MPC 495 Seminar in Management Information Systems (3)

Includes research, reading, writing, and discussion. Independent research on a topic and company from a management information systems (MIS) perspective. Respond to issues or problems raised in cases in an analytic and creative manner. Present topic report and research to class.

617 Computers and Management Information Systems (MIS) (3)

Provides accelerated review of important computer concepts and study of new computer technologies. Introduces basic management information and decision support system concepts, characteristics, and design. Addresses strategic use of technology and management responsibilities for planning, development, and operation of MIS. Prerequisite: MIS 235.

621 Enabling Technology Topics I (3)

Examines existing and emerging information technology (IT) within the organization. The foci of the course are the role IT plays in business processes, the underlying theoretical basis for innovation through IT, methodologies for successful IT innovation, and infrastructure technologies commonly employed and why.

625 Management of Information Technology (3)

Offers rigorous study of information technology (IT) resources in organizations with an emphasis on electronic commerce technologies. The underlying theme of this course is strategic uses of IT by organizations for operating support, improving productivity, and gaining competitive advantage.

631 Enabling Technology Topics II (3)

Examines the rapidly emerging trend of integrating business processes across organizational boundaries. The course focus is on the technical issues that arise when integrating information across firms as well as current and emerging technologies and models to accomplish this integration.

673 Information Systems Analysis and Design (3)

Introduction to analysis, management, design, and development of information systems applications. Focus areas include problem/opportunity identification, information gathering, feasibility study, systems analysis, logical and physical design, software management, evaluation and selection, and computer assisted software engineering (CASE). Prerequisite: MIS 625.

674 Corporate Data Management (3)

Overview of data management concepts and technologies and how they fit into corporate information processing environment. Focus areas are corporate data resource management, database models, design and development of a database and application, and emerging database management systems (DBMS) technology. Prerequisite: MIS 617 or equivalent.

675 Contemporary MIS Topics (3)

Covers contemporary issues. Provides forum to study and research topics of high interest, concern, and potential impact on MIS. Topics can relate to policy, technology, hardware, software, or other MIS related topics. Requires student to select, research, and report on topics of current interest and importance within MIS area. Prerequisite: MIS 617 or equivalent.

682 IT Security and Assurance (3)

The foundations of information security and assurance including the principles on which managerial strategy can be formulated and technical solutions can be selected.

690 Advanced Management Information Systems (MIS) Topics (3)

Contemporary issues. Provides forum to study and research topics of high interest, concern, and potential impact on management information systems. Topics can relate to policy, technology, hardware, software, systems, or other MIS related topics. Requires each student to select, research, and report on topics of current interest and importance within the MIS area Prerequisite: MIS 585 or permission of instructor. Offered infrequently.

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