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Courses of Instruction


MPF 207/208 Latin American Civilization (3, 3) ( LAS 208 is also MPT.)

207 focuses on Latin America before 1825 through broad historical survey with emphasis on cultural, geographical, political, and social developments in colonial and pre-colonial Americas. 208 is an interdisciplinary introduction to Latin America during the last two centuries through anthropology, art, geography, environment, film, history, literature, music, politics, sports and others. IIIB, H. CAS-C. LAS 208 Cross listed with ATH 206.

MPF 254 Latino/a Literature and the Americas (3)

Study of literature by Cuban American, Puerto Rican, Central American, and Chicano/a writers, with an emphasis on political, social, and economic conflicts in the Americas. Specific study of writing in relation to ethnic identity formation and transnational communities. Cross-listed with ENG 254. IIB, IIIA. CAS-B-LIT.

MPF 260 Latin America in the United States (3)

Interdisciplinary examination of historical, social, economic, and cultural forces that have shaped the experience of peoples of Latin, Hispanic, Latino/a background in the United States. Crosslisted with HST 260 IIIA, H.

315 Latin American Diaspora: Communities, Conditions and Issues (3)

Study realities and challenges of Hispanic-Latino communities in Southwest Ohio in the context of transnational connections that link communities across the Americas. Incorporates service learning projects and community based research.

319 Revolution in Latin America (3)

History of modern Latin America through the experience of revolution in the 20th century. Focus on revolutionary experiences in four countries that had an enormous impact far beyond their borders: Mexico, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua. Crosslisted with HST 319.

MPC 410 Current Latin American Issues (3)

Apply academic knowledge of Latin America to contemporary issues by reading works by scholars, authors and artists; attending lectures and performances; and engaging in critical analysis and debate.

MPT 414/514 Latin American Environmental Affairs (3)

Focus on the issues of human relationships with the land in Latin America and the Caribbean. Emphasis placed on understanding indigenous cultures, colonial ecological exchanges, and the environmental implications of national development policies, and international efforts for protection of the environment. Cross-listed with IES 414/514.

MPC 415 Cuba in Revolution: Its History, Politics, and Culture (4)

A history of Cuba in the 20th Century with emphasis on Cuban relations with other Latin American countries, the U.S. and Soviet Union. Examines economic, social, political and cultural issues with attention to race, class and gender. Priority given to LAS minors. Cross-listed with FST 415.

MPC 478 Media and Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean (3)

Critical examination of the media’s treatment of political events in Latin America and the Caribbean. Particular attention given to role of mainstream media in the U.S. for shaping perceptions of the region and individual countries within it. Cross-listed with POL 478.

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