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Courses of Instruction


201 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3)

Topics include requirements and challenges of successful entrepreneurship, characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, the life cycle stages of a business, careers and opportunities for entrepreneurship. Not open to business students above sophomore standing.

MPT 366 Imagination and Entrepreneurship (3)

Application of creative thinking in addressing business opportunities and problems, especially within an entrepreneurial context. Systematic approach to creating, evaluating, refining and selling breakthrough ideas. Exposure to a number of techniques, concepts and methods useful in managing the creative process in individual and group contexts with emphasis on accountability for creative quality. Involvement interactive and experiential approaches. Prerequisites: MGT 291 and MKT 291.

MPC 467 Entrepreneurship: New Ventures (3)

Cross-disciplinary and integrative approach to the identification of unmet market opportunities and the creation of new ventures that capitalize on these opportunities. Case-oriented approach. Students create business plans for ventures based on original concept. Course includes weekly laboratory. Prerequisites: Senior standing or instructor permission.

481 Technology, Products and Ventures (3)

An interdisciplinary perspective on the interfaces between new product development, innovation, and technology. Examines product development capability as an essential element of successful business strategy and a key component of an “entrepreneurial mindset.” Students develop a working prototype of a new product and a comprehensive new product plan. Prerequisite: MKT 291 or instructor permission.

490 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship (1-3)

Issue oriented seminar for juniors or seniors focusing on a contemporary topic related to the rewards, requirements and challenges associated with entrepreneurship in different environments. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

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